My name is Chasity Hill and I am the founder and creator of Chill’s Closet, the CEO. I was born and raised in Memphis, TN. I am very determined to make my mark on the world, coming from one of the poorest neighborhoods in Memphis. I owe it to myself, my family, and my community to create a legacy and foundation that will impact their lives and the lives of people who come from backgrounds similar to my own. 


Chill’s Closet was birthed out of my passion for shoes and bags, which have always been conversation starters. I knew having my own shoe store was inevitable even when I was unsure how I would make it happen. Chill’s Closet is derived from my name (C. Hill = Chill) and founded in August 2020.

Chill's Closet was founded with the sole intent of providing simplicity through fashion; we accessorize our client's everyday style wit edgy footwear and unique bags, allowing them to make a statement without verbiage, leaving lasting impressions where they go.


I have the drive and tenacity to be very successful in this industry through hard work, resilience, and commitment to both my brand and patrons.